DamnSpammersCopyright - Robert L. Vaessen

This website: I registered the domain 'DamnSpammers.com' in June of 2012. Why did I register this domain? I hate spam, spammers, and all that they represent. I do what little I can to stem the tide of spam, but I've no illusions about the small impact I'm having on this immense problem.

I am using this domain primarily for email. I've configured some email services (DKIM, SPF, pgp signatures, box-trapper (disabled that ridiculous thing many years ago - what a fail that was), SpamAssassin, and other domain level filters) using the damnspammers domain, and I plan to use my 'damnspammers' email addresses when doing business online. The email addresses will be trackable, disposable, and filtered through a series of spam fighting filters.

While I may eventually move some of my spam fighting materials to this domain/website; for now, this website is primarily a placeholder for the 'damnspammers.com' domain.

Author/Copyright holder: Robert L. Vaessen e-mail: